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ABI Sediment Block

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ABI Sediment Blocks are a group of soil-specific, slow dissolving and slow releasing blocks containing blends of water treatment components and anionic polyacrylamide. ABI Sediment Blocks are used for water clarification, erosion control, and phosphorus removal.

Each block is designed to treat 1-1.2 million gallons of water by removing dissolved metals, phosphorus, and nutrients from the water column; thus reducing the nutrients that cause excess weed and algae growth. There are more than 80 different ABI Sediment Blocks, each tailored for a specific soil and/or water chemistry application to provide optimum performance over a one to two month time span depending on water flow at the application site.

Water may begin clearing within a few hours to a few days - especially with an effective aeration system. To expedite the process; particle curtains, filters, and sediment blocks may also be used to collect inflowing particulates before they enter a lake or pond. The time period involved to obtain desired results depends on the size of the pond, water depth, specific water chemistry, flow rate, and application rate of the blocks. If the pond is small, it may begin to clear after only a few turnover cycles . If the pond or lake is very large with a slow turnover rate, it may take many turnover cycles before the water becomes clearer. The type of clays and other suspended material in the water can also affect how quickly the particles can form and drop out of suspension.

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