Bio Boost Koi Pond Scrubber - Enzyme #75

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Bio Boost Koi Pond Scrubber (#75 Enzymes) speed up the process of eliminating organic waste materials such as dead plants, uneaten fish food, fish waste and other organic contaminants from small ponds and water gardens. Safe for all fish, animals and plants.

Bio Boost Koi Pond Scurbber Enzymes hold the key to life in small ponds and watergardens with their ability to digest and promote the reduction of organic matter.  When enzymes and natural indigenous bacteria are through diminishing water-born contaminants, the by-product becomes nitrogen and water, providing a naturally clean and clear environment.  Bio Boost Koi Pond Scrubber can help to clarify water and remove organic foam. For best results use in conjuntion with Bio Boost Organic Waste Control Bacteria.

Initial Application: 1/4 oz. per 1000 gallon of pond water

Maintenance: Every week treat 1/4 oz. per 1000 gallons of pond water.

1 gal, and 2.5 gal jugs.

Note: Product shipping to CA is for use in private ponds only. CA specific label is required resulting in a slightly higher cost