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Bio Boost - Organic Waste Control

Aquatic Biologists, Inc

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Product Overview

Specially selected bacterial strains in Bio Boost Bacteria 7.5 works naturally to digest pond sludge, fish waste, and dead algae. Bio Boost 7.5 is 100% natural, safe for all pond fish, plants, and wildlife.

Bio Boost 7.5 Bacteria stimulates and improves water's appearance naturally. Bio Boost Bacteria 7.5 contains a blend of beneficial bacteria that not only break down toxic ammonia from fish wastes into harmless nitrates (referred to as the Nitrogen Cycle) but they also consume the same nutrients as algae does.  Beneficial bacteria also breaks down sludge build up "muck" on the bottom of ponds and much more.  Bio Boost Bacteria 7.5 works to eliminate waste materials such as slime, sludge, algae, dead plants, insects, uneaten fish food, and other organic contaminants.

Bacteria work best when used in conjunction with aeration and enzymes.

Bio Boost 7.5 Bacteria is available in 2.5 Gallon Jugs.

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Dosage Rates

Dosage Rates When Used Alone Or With Koi Pond Scrubber Enzyme

Initial Application
6 oz. per 1000 gallons of pond water for first 2 weeks
Maintenance Application
3 oz. per 1000 gallons of pond water every other week


(No reviews yet) Write a Review