Clearcast/SePRO MSO Combo

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This bundle includes 8oz of Clearcast and 8oz SePRO MSO. With this bundle you get the perfect combination to control your unwanted weeds such as Cattails, Purple Loosestrife, Phragmites, and many more.


Clearcast Herbicide is an effective and selective treatment solution for the control of floating, emergent, and submersed aquatic weed species. Clearcast is the industry standard for cattail control. In addition to cattails, Clearcast is an excellent choice for selective control of invasive weeds such as watershield, water hyacinth and broad-spectrum control of a variety of pondweeds. Clearcast can be applied as a foliar, surface, or injection spray and as well as a pre-emergent in ponds and lakes.

Better Control

Its selectivity makes Clearcast ideal for aquatic areas used for fishing and other recreational activities, while minimal irrigation restrictions allow Clearcast to be applied in a large variety of aquatic environments, including ponds and irrigation canals and ditches.

When used as directed, Clearcast:

  • Can be applied near and around desirable hardwood vegetation
  • Provides true systemic activity killing the entire plant, including the root system
  • Allows for re-colonization of desirable species
  • Controls target floating, emergent and shoreline weeds, while leaving desirable plant species unaffected

Active Ingredient: Imazamox

  • It is absorbed through the leaves, stems, and roots of vegetation.
  • Binds with an enzyme found only in plants, and not found in humans, mammals, birds, fish or insects.
  • Stops growth of sensitive plants within 24 hours after treatment
  • Fully breaks down plants as food and energy reserves are exhausted.

Clearcast may be applied in a variety of ways, including:

  • Directly to the water for the control of submerged aquatic plant species*
  • As a foliar application specifically for emergent and floating species
  • Via ground and aerial equipment, including both fixed-wing and helicopter

*When applying a foliar application by boat, the boat trail must be adequately sprayed after passing through.

Clearcast has a very favorable environmental profile. Some of the benefits of Clearcast include:

  • Classified as practically nontoxic to birds, fish, algae and aquatic invertebrates
  • Only herbicide on the market that has been granted a tolerance exemption by the EPA (which means there are no food residue limits for Clearcast in fish, shellfish, crustaceans or irrigated crops)
  • A great tank-mix partner with many other aquatic herbicides

SePRO MSO (methylated seed oil)

SePRO MSO (methylated seed oil) is a wetting agent, activator and penetrant all-in-one that increases the effectiveness of many of SePRO's pond and lakefront products. SePRO MSO helps break down the waxy cuticle on the leaf surface and helps penetrate the bud and bark area of woody brush, allowing a more effective uptake of the herbicide., a low viscosity oil and is compatible with most aquatic herbicides and algaecides.