Industrial Grade Algae & Muck Remover Net

Aquatic Biologists, Inc
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The staff at ABI uses this net almost every day. With over 39 years in business, ABI has never found a better net for removing algae and muck from lakes and ponds, in fact one of the nets we continue to use on a regular basis was purchased in 1977!

Consists of extra heavy-duty, triple-reinforced, aircraft aluminum compents. Professional grade, these nets last for years. Lightweight, yet strong. The 9' high handle is plugged for floation. A plastic guard laced around the front and sides of the 17" W x 13" high frames provides the net with added protection against abrasion and snagging. Bags are made of nonabrasvive, white, atls knotless nylon (3/16" open spaces) with flat bottoms for easy algae, debris and muck removal. Handles attach to the frame head by a heavy duty snap button coupler for quick change or breakdown. Made in the U.S.A. with pride this net will last you a life time.