Self Sinking Air Hose - 100' Coil

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This thick-wall, lead-free hose is the toughest on the market! ABI's Flexible Self Sinking Air Hose is extruded from an extremely flexible PVC material that remains flexible even in the coldest weather. Our self sinking air hose has a low coil memory allowing you to easily move the air hose in and out of the water without kinking resulting in a savings in both time and labor.

A UV protectant is included during the manufacturing process to prevent degradation. The extrusion process used to create this air hose makes it extremely puncture resistant to fish hooks along with a wide variety of other sharp objects.

Safe for fish and wildlife ABI Flexible Self Sinking Air Hose is available in both coils and reels in a variety of sizes for minimum line loss no matter what the depth or distance from shore.

ABI Flexible Self Sinking Air Hose is manufactured exclusively for Aquatic Biologists, Inc. and our distributors.

Self weighted for super easy installation. The tubing sinks to the bottom on it's own so you don't need to tie bricks or weights to make the tubing sink out of sight like standard PVC tubing which floats when filled with air.

  • 1/2" ID x 1.00" OD
  • 5/8" ID x 1.12" OD
  • 100' Coil
  • Also available in 500' - Call for quote as full reels must be shipped by freight