Through the Looking Glass...A Field Guide to Aquatic Plants

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This delightful, large-format field guide to aquatic plants in North America is perfect for lake and pond owners who need to make management decisions or would just like to learn more about about aquatic plants. Over 200 original hand drawn illustrations (including cross-sections, flowers and other plant features) makes this book an invaluable resource for use by botanists and natural resource managers.

The authors have divided this book into three sections of freshwater and brackish water plant species; emergent, free-floating, floating-leaf and submersed plant species. The detailed species information, accurate drawings and fun historical plant use information makes identifying aquatic plants in your lake or pond easy and fun.
Susan Borman, Robert Korth and Jo Temte. 1997. 248 pages. Tim Matson. Revised 2004. Softcover, 181 pages.