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Sonar* Ready-To-Use RTU represents an exciting new era in pond weed management for the do-it-yourselfer! The innovative new Sonar RTU formulation allows anyone to make water usable for recreation while restoring property values.

It’s so simple that applying Sonar RTU doesn’t require any mixing, special spray equipment or a boat simply open the bottle and treat from the shoreline.

How to Apply Sonar RTU

Sonar RTU comes in a distinctive squeeze bottle that only requires the user to lift the nozzle on the lid and squirt the Sonar RTU directly into the water. Treating an entire lake or pond only takes a few minutes. After measuring the size of the water body, consult the rate chart included with each Sonar RTU purchase to determine the amount of Sonar required. You’ll apply half of the total dose on day one, then return 21 and 42 days later to add the rest. Simply apply Sonar RTU at two to four locations around the water body each time and the unique formulation of Sonar RTU will disperse throughout the water.

Sonar RTU Application Rates/Timing Table

*Consult label for further directions

Pond Size Acres Total Sonar RTU (Bottles Needed) Day 1 Application Amount Day 21 Application Amount Day 42 Application Amount
5,445 1/8 32 oz (1 qt) 16 oz 8 oz 8 oz
10,890 1/4 64 oz (2 qts) 32 oz (1 qt) 16 oz 16 oz
14,520 1/3 96 oz (3 qts) 48 oz 24 oz 24 oz
21,780 1/2 128 oz (4 qts) 64 oz (2 qts) 32 oz (1 qt) 32 oz (1 qt)
32670 3/4 192 oz (6 qts) 96 oz (3 qts) 48 oz 48 oz
43,560 1.0 256 oz (8 qts) 128 oz (4 qts) 64 oz (2 qts) 64 oz (2 qts)



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Sonar Products  cannot be shipped to Michigan without a permit and applicators license on file.