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Electoshocking utilizes an electrical generator which emits a non-lethal electrical current through the water. This electrical shock is employed to either stun the fish or encourages them to swim towards the electrical field (boat) for survey collection.

Aquatic Biologists, Inc. performs electro-fishing using our 18 foot Jon boat equipped with a Smith Root 12 electrode shocker. With the Smith Root electroshocker ABI biologists are able to manipulate the shockers conductivity (electrical current) allowing us to selectively target fish sample species from minnows and panfish to large carp, muskies and even muskrats if these fish and animals are present within the lake. However, it is important to note that occasionally larger fish will out run the electroshocker which can skew sampling numbers.

ABI normally uses a 3-4 man shocker crew (one man to captain the boat and run the shocker and two or three men to net the fish). Shocking normally starts at 3:00 pm and continues to 10:00 or 11:00 pm. The electrodes on the shocker boat will survey a 12 foot to 14 foot width with each boat pass The crew will weigh and measure the fish species collected according to the survey design and customer's wishes. Unwanted or stunted fish species may be selectively removed upon request.

As with any fish sampling method, results may vary with water clarity, barometric pressure, water temperature, habitat, bottom structure and other related water quality conditions. Weather is important when electroshocking as more fish can be collected during calm conditions. Shocking is normally scheduled in late April - early June and in late August - early November. Water clarity must be relatively clear as the electro-shocker crew must be able to see the fish to scoop them up out of the water to place them in our live well. Due to fish stress ABI reserves the right to reschedule any and all elector-fishing surveys when water temperatures are above 75º F.

For a nominal fee selected species of fish can be tagged with a numbered floy tag or numbered jaw tag as a future reference or to create a contest of sorts for property owners.