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Fish Structure

Fish Habitat Structures

Fish carrying capacity can be increased by installing additional structure and fish cribs. Fish cribs are important to the fishery in that they provide good habitat for all levels of the water food chain; especially in the greater depths. Fish cribs are effective at increasing the carrying capacity of the lake. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

We recommend a minimum of 8 structure sites per acre. We have new durable plastic fish cribs that can easily be suspended at any water depth or placed on the bottom of your pond or lake. Fish cribs or structure can be made from logs, tree roots, concrete, plastic piping, or hardwood pallets with branches in the slots. In winter, cribs can easily be anchored with concrete blocks or rocks and placed on the ice and allowed to sink when the ice melts.

ABI's Fathead Minnow Fortress

Each ABI Fathead Minnow Fortress is hand built right here in Fond du Lac, WI. Fathead minnow fortresses are specifically designed as a fathead minnow spawning structure, allowing a single male to claim each tube as "his" area for the season. Male fathead minnows are very territorial, and the design of the ABI fathead minnow fortress maximizes nesting sites by limiting visual contact between neighboring male - meaning they will spend less energy on fighting and more energy on attracting females and caring for the eggs.  We offer these as a complete unit or we offer a PDF instruction manual if you would rather build them yourself.



Other Fish Structure Options

Customized fish structures and spawning beds are available in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and surrounding areas upon request. Please contact one of our fisheries biologists at 1-800-442-6648 or email


Floating Islands may also be used as fish structure and increased carrying capacity.