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What makes ABI Diffusers different?


Maximize Aeration Performance with ABI Stainless Steel Diffusers

Blows All Others Away!

Engineered to outperform all other diffusers, including other membrane diffusers


 What Makes Our ABI Stainless Steel Diffusers Up To 75% More Efficient Than Other Diffusers?

AquaBio Six-Shot


  • Highest turnover/circulation rate per cfm
  • Highest oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) per cfm
  • More surface area moves more water
  • Flow through design moves more water
  • No Underwater Degradation
  • Less flow interference (areas blocking water)
  • Less back pressure = Increased CFM output
  • Less cleaning
  • Thick wall membrane creates fine micro-bubbles
  • Interchangeable Diffuser Membranes
  • 15 year warranty on all stainless pieces!


Compared to Rubber Disks

Compared to Traditional Air Stones

Up to 50% more air flow (when using same CFM)

Up to 75% more air flow (when using same -CFM)

Turnover rate is almost double

Turnover rate is almost double

20% better oxygen transfer per cfm

No cracking or chipping

8” Disk: linear lift 28.3”

6” Air stone: linear lift 15”

8” Disk: active surface area 60.10 in2

6” Air stone: active surface area 27 in2

12” Disk: linear lift 37.38”

9” Air stone: linear lift 21”

12” Disk: active surface area 113.4 in2

9” Air stone: active surface area 39.38 in2

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