Need help with your lake or pond?


ABI places a strong focus on preventative maintenance to keep your lake aesthetically pleasing to meet your goals.  We consider preventive maintenance the best tool in our aquatics toolbox.  Our biologists take this approach when managing your lake or pond over the more popular "band-aid" approach of treating when an issue arises.

We have many clients that have transitioned to using our Bio Boost line of biologicals and have gone from chemical treatments multiple times per year to not using any sort of herbicide or algaecide.  If your pond is being treated more than twice a year, give us a call to see what Bio Boost can do for you.

Biological augmentation isn't a silver bullet though.  Along with fathead minnow stocking, aquatic shoreline plantings, maintaining buffer zones, nutrient control, properly sized aeration, and a multitude of other environmental practices, your waterbody can turn into the highlight of your property.


For our local customers, we can customize a maintenance program for your lake or pond. Maintenance programs can be quarterly, once every two months, or monthly. During the course of each visit our field technicians will ensure the correct levels of pond dye, bacteria and enzyme are maintained. Our biologists will record several water quality parameters such as water temperature and dissolved oxygen ratios. A visual inspection for any potential algae or aquatic weed issues will be conducted and any trash or debris will be collected.