Need help with your lake or pond?


Decorative floating fountains are well known for creating peaceful, soothing, relaxing environments while adding beauty to your lake or pond. Fountains provide a degree of aeration but are primarily recommended for aesthetics and keeping the water from becoming stagnant. With the seemingly unending number of fountain manufacturers and options to choose from, ABI has put together a short list of items to consider before purchasing a fountain.

ABI carries only the highest quality fountains from world-leading manufacturers: Airmax®, AquaMaster®, and Kasco® Marine. When it comes to quality water fountains, nobody does it better!  Our staff is factory trained to install and maintain Airmax, AquaMaster, and Kasco products.



When deciding to purchase a fountain consider…

Size and depth of the lake or pond
Type and availability of power
Distance of the power source to the fountain control panel and distance from the control panel to the fountain
Placement of the fountain in the water

  • Strategically place the fountain so it augments unique features and highlights. Generally, the center of most ponds varies depending on the pond's size, layout, and if you are trying to cover up background noise from neighbors


  • Will you want to change patterns?
  • Vary patterns to add more visual interest if you have multiple fountains
  • Spray height
    • Select a spray height in proportion to the size of the lake or pond
    • Never exceed half the diameter of the pond; otherwise the water will spill out and waste water
    • Set different spray heights to add more visual interest if you have multiple fountains

Lighting options

  • The addition of lights can make a fountain mesmerizing at night
  • Can you add lights later? Will lights cost more if purchasing separately?

Installation time
Cost of seasonal removal and storage (for colder climates)
Actual cost to run unit


Airmax® was founded with a passion to improve the methods in which pond owners care for their ponds. Airmax works with a simple set of guidelines: focus on SAFE, natural solutions that are SIMPLE to use while providing outstanding results.
Aquamaster® is a leader in floating fountain technology with their High Volume Flow and unique impeller system that combines both aeration and beauty into one durable unit.  With one of the best warranties in the business, AquaMaster® Fountains are the top of the line option when selecting a floating fountain.  Fixed base and horizontal units are also available.

Kasco® Marine is a family-owned manufacturer that has set the industry benchmark for quality products, personalized service, and fast delivery for over 50 years.  Kasco® Marine has been a recognized leader in products that promote healthy water quality in ponds. Kasco's fountains are dependable, affordable end efficient and are offered in a complete range of floating fountains, pond aerators, water circulators and de-icers for projects of all sizes.