Need help with your lake or pond?

Digital Mapping

Digital sonar mapping can help us and you learn more about your lake or pond. Size and volume data, contour maps, vegetation maps, and sediment composition maps provide valuable information increasing our ability to make more accurate management decisions.

Contour maps are important to every angler. Maps can indicate potential fish locations based on depth, contour intervals, and bottom type. Depth can also identify potential feeding or spawning areas for specific species of fish, aquatic insects, and other aquatic life. Contour maps help determine locations to place additional fish structure and habitat. Maps will also allow us to properly place diffusers for an aeration system. Knowing the deepest part of the waterbody will help us learn where to monitor temperatures and dissolved oxygen.

Vegetation density mapping identifies aquatic plant locations and density. Maps will help to target nuisance plants and more accurately determine the size of the plant beds, therefore enabling us to more precisely calculate the chemical application rates for a specific treatment area. Aquatic plant locations suggest where fish or other aquatic life may be located.


Sediment composition mapping measures the hardness of the bottom sediment. These maps can help identify the source or location of soft sediment coming into a lake or pond. Sediment samples can be collected and analyzed for % organic content. Once we learn the organic composition, we can evaluate the appropriate management options directed at reducing soft sediments. Management tools commonly used to reduce sediments with high organic compositions include Bio Boost Muck Digesting Pellets, Bio Boost Activator and aeration systems. Mapping can also identify precisely where to dredge.

Mapping can be done on an annual basis or every couple years to determine if the bottom composition is changing with sediment remediation management practices in place and to note changes in the aquatic plant community.

$275.00 for setup, processing, contour map, vegetation map, sediment composition map, and size and volume data. $50.00 per acre for onsite mapping labor. Mileage/travel cost to be determined. Cost may be reduced if combined with other services.

Custom high resolution laminated maps are also available for purchase.