Need help with your lake or pond?

ABI Pond Dye

ABI Blue Dye is used to tint water an aesthetically pleasing light sky blue color. Low amounts of dye also work well to help maintain chara low in the water.  Lake and pond dye is now available in 11 blue shades allowing you or us to customize water color to your specific taste throughout the season. We also provide a dye specifically formulated for green-colored water that creates a natural-looking blue color. If you pour your pond water into a 5-gallon white bucket, you can evaluate the preferred color of your pond water. As a guide, the blue in the bucket should match the sky on a sunny day.  As a general rule of thumb, dye will help shade out plant growth deeper than 4 feet in average water clarity.

Pond dye can be used year round. Normal treatments generally last 1 - 3 months in contained ponds or lakes. How long the dye will last for you will depend on how much flow you have going in and out of the pond.  All plants need sunlight to grow. By reducing the amount of light penetration into the water, the dyes effectively reduce weed growth no matter which color you choose. It should be pointed out that dyes will not stop weed growth, but used consistently, they will greatly reduce it.

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