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Pond Liners

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Aquatic Biologists has been designing lakes and ponds since our start in 1977. Our pond liner installers are some of the most experienced in the country and are available to consult with contractors, excavators, and homeowners when building ponds for wildlife, swimming, fishing, or storm-water. The many items we go over in detail with the client include: slope, depth, contouring, overflow structures, shoreline stabilization, potential fisheries needs, aquatic plant installation, beach areas and much, much more.

ABI's professional pond liner installers are able to install synthetic liners where nature would not normally allow a lake or pond. ABI's polyethylene 5 layer liner construction provides strong tear and puncture resistance in a light weight material which can be made into the largest single panel in the liner industry (up to 120,000 sq.ft.). Each liner installation has its own requirements our liner installers are able to fulfill including:

  • Liner Termination Trenching
  • Liner Concrete Attachment
  • Wedge Welding of Pond Liner Panels
  • Liner Penetration Booting
  • Sub-Basin Dewatering System Design & Installation
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Our installers are factory trained to heat weld liner sections together to create literally any size pond or lake you can dream of!