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Nutrient Control & Water Clarity

Water clarity is influenced by the abundance of phytoplankton, zooplankton, and suspended soil particles within the water column. Phytoplankton and zooplankton generally do not influence water clarity as significantly as suspended soil particles. "Muddy" water is the result of tiny soil or clay particles suspended in the water from organisms (from example carp) stirring up the pond water, the presence of colloidal clay and/or overland runoff.

Nutrient Control - Phosphorus and nitrogen combined with carbon dioxide are the main culprits responsible for turning your pond from clean to green. All aquatic plants and algae make their own energy through photosynthesis which uses sunlight and carbon dioxide to create energy and oxygen as the byproducts. The other key ingredient to plant growth and health is nutrients, primarily phosphorus and nitrogen. By tying up any existing nutrients in the pond algae and nuisance plant growth can be slowed.


Consider using Phoslock® to Reset the Clock by specifically targeting and removing phosphorus inputs and restore water quality. Phoslock® is emerging as the best new technology for reducing phosphorus in ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

  • Patented Phosphorus Locking Technology
  • Rapid & Permanent Removal of Phosphorus
  • Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Compliance Solution
  • Water Quality Restoration

Phoslock® is a patented phosphorus locking technology to restore water quality in ponds, lakes, and reservoirs. Phoslock® was developed by the Australian national science agency, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), to remove phosphorus from water bodies and restore water quality. For over ten years, Phoslock® has been successfully used in water resource restoration programs around the world. Although Phoslock is a new technology to the United States (2010), it is rapidly emerging as the most effective phosphorus inactivation and water quality restoration solution for ponds, lakes, and reservoirs. 110 pounds of Phoslock removes 1 pound of phosphorous. 

EutroSORB Family

Eutrosorb WC is a proprietary aqueous blend of phosphate binding minerals for rapid and permanent inactivation of phosphorus from the water column. Eutrosorb WC is simple to use and reduces phosphorus concentrations in natural waters when applied to surface water resources containing phosphorus. Eutrosorb WC can be easily applied via surface spray application, sub-surface injections, or poured into areas where good mixing occurs. The material is an aqueous solution that does not require a slurry mix prior to application, as with other clay-based technologies. 10pdu (1.3) gallons of EutroSROB WC will remove 1 pound of phosphorous. 

EutroSORB Filters are a novel technology specifically designed for intercepting soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) from moving water. EutroSORB provides water resource managers an efficient and economical solution to reduce phosphorus inputs, slow down or stop the eutrophication process, and restore water quality.  EutroSORB filters rapidly remove SRP from moving water after being deployed in a water resource. EutroSORB reactive filter media has a high affinity and capacity for phosphorus and will continue to bind SRP until all binding sites have been exhausted. Each 25 pound filter can remove 1/4 pound of phosphorus.

EutroSORB G targets phosphorus in water bodies that have excess amounts. This high efficiency lanthanum modified bentonite (LMB) formulation is designed to eliminate phosphorus being released from the sediment. It offers immediate water quality improvement, removing phosphorus rapidly and permanently. 50 pounds of EutroSORB G removes 1 pound of phosphorous.  

EutroSORB SI coming soon!

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