Need help with your lake or pond?

Lake & Pond Maintenance Services

Nuisance Aquatic Weed & Algae Management Services

Nuisance aquatic vegetation & algae control is particularly important to our clients' enjoyment of their lake or pond. Aquatic Biologists, Inc. applicators are certified and fully insured professionals who utilize the most advanced products and practices available in the aquatic industry today. Our biologists begin this management process by properly identifying the target algae and aquatic weeds. Next they use their knowledge and experience to choose the most cost effective product to achieve the desired results. Our certified aquatic chemical applicators will than apply the chosen treatment(s) at the correct dosage rates and time the application to provide lasting results safely and effectively. The results of making the right choice and hiring the right professional are breathtaking.


Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Applications

ABI places a strong focus on preventative maintenance to keep your lake aesthetically pleasing to meet your goals. We do all this for a reasonable fee, and you have peace of mind knowing your lake or pond is being professionally managed all year long. We can customize a maintenance program for your lake or pond. Maintenance programs can be quarterly, once every two months, or monthly. During the course of each visit our field technicians will ensure the correct levels of pond dye, bacteria and enzyme are maintained. Our biologists will record several water quality parameters such as water temperature and dissolved oxygen ratios. A visual inspection for any potential algae or aquatic weed issues will be conducted. Any trash or debris will be collected as well.

 Complete Annual Management Contracts

 With Aquatic Biologists, Inc. annual management contracts ABI does everything necessary throughout the year to achieve your objectives while you relax. We customize each contract to fit the client's needs and may include several of our regular services. During each visit ABI monitors conditions so corrective action can be taken early to prevent problems from developing.

Aeration System Design & Installation

Aquatic Biologists, Inc. biologists design and install aeration system utilizing a variety of products to efficiently and effectively provide oxygen to your water resource. Prior to installation, your biologist will determine the correct size, placement and number of aeration units your lake requires based on its BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). ABI's field technicians provide a seamless installation and excellent end result that is non-invasive to surrounding landscape.

Aeration System Maintenance

Each part of aeration system is tested during our maintenance services to ensure your system is performing efficiently and at optimal levels at all times. Regular maintenance performed includes...

  • Cleaning the Compressor Cabinet
  • Replacing Compressor Air Filters (Both Internal and External)
  • Changing Cabinet Air Filters (Where Applicable)
  • Inspection and Cleaning of the Aeration System Compressor
  • Fan Lubrication and Cleaning (Where Applicable)
  • Inspection, Cleaning, and Acid Washing Aeration System Diffusers
  • Visual Inspection of Pond 

Fountain Installation, Maintenance & Storage

Our staff is manufacturer trained and qualified to install and service AquaMaster and Kasco floating fountains. ABI's biologists and field technicians take part in continuing education directly through the fountain manufacturers to become experts in floating fountain technology and innovation.

During our maintenance service, all fountain controls and motor functions are tested to ensure proper function. The fountain is carefully inspected, cleaned, and serviced as required yearly. Storage in our secure facility is available during the cold winter months when fountains need to be removed to prevent damage from ice. For more information visit our fountains page.


Fish Stocking

Whether you stock fish to improve water quality or for sport fishing, our biologists assist our clients to determine the size, number and species needed. Based on these recommendations, our field technicians transport the fish directly to your lake or pond utilizing fish trailers that maintain the correct dissolved oxygen ratios and temperature needed for each species to reduce the chances of overstressing fish during transport. For more information visit our fish stocking page.


Beneficial Aquatic Planting 

Aquatic planting always improves the environmental health of lakes and ponds. ABI designs & plants native species in the water around the shoreline to improve the lake ecology & add color.  Aquatic plants help to filter water and compete for nutrients that could otherwise be fueling algae blooms or excessive weed growth. Click here for more information regarding aquatic plants. 

Pond Liner Design & Installation

Aquatic Biologists has been designing lakes and ponds since our start in 1977. Our pond liner installers are some of the most experienced in the country and are available to consult with contractors, excavators, and homeowners when building ponds for wildlife, swimming, fishing, or storm-water. The many items we go over in detail with the client include: slope, depth, contouring, overflow structures, shoreline stabilization, potential fisheries needs, aquatic plant installation, beach areas and much, much more.

ABI's professional pond liner installers are able to install synthetic liners where nature would not normally allow a lake or pond. ABI's polyethylene 5 layer liner construction provides strong tear and puncture resistance in a light weight material which can be made into the largest single panel in the liner industry (up to 120,000 sq. ft.). Each liner installation has its own requirements our liner installers are able to fulfill including:

  • Liner Termination Trenching
  • Liner Concrete Attachment
  • Wedge Welding of Pond Liner Panels
  • Liner Penetration Booting
  • Sub-Basin Dewatering System Design & Installation


Fish Habitat Installation

A pond with the right amount of structure provides more fishing enjoyment and dramatically increases fishing success. Fish habitat improvements can also result in larger fish when done properly. Aquatic Biologists Fishery biologists are available to recommend the proper habitat 

(humps, spawning tables, canals, ridges, etc.) in new lakes or ponds. ABI's field technicians can also install artificial fish habitat in strategic locations that will not only help fishing efforts but to also increase the overall fish carrying capacity of the waterbody. 


Floating Island Installation & Maintenance

Aquatic Biologists, Inc. is proud to have Certified Island Masters in-house to handle your entire floating island project. The floating island installation process can normally be completed within a matter of hours. Our Certified Island Masters will work closely with our field technicians in the transport, preparation, planting, launch and anchoring of your island.

Once your floating island has been launched the stewardship and maintenance duties are minimal and relatively self-sustaining but may require occasional care. From time to time, removal of unwanted "volunteers" or addition of new or different plants may be desirable and ABI is here to help!


Goose & Wildlife Management

Geese can be fun to watch but they wreak havoc to lakes and ponds, even in the most controlled settings or areas. Common animal nuisances (geese, muskrats, beavers, etc.) are controlled with comprehensive solutions that include trapping, relocation, Goose Grid, border collies, repellents, and related products.