Aquatic Biologists, Inc. designs and installs aeration systems utilizing a variety of products to efficiently and effectively provide oxygen to your water resource. Prior to installation, your biologist will determine the correct size, placement, and number of aeration units your lake requires based on its BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). ABI's field technicians provide a seamless installation and excellent end result that is non-invasive to surrounding landscape.

Aeration System Maintenance

Each part of your aeration system is tested during our maintenance services to insure your system is performing efficiently and at optimal levels at all times. Regular maintenance performed includes...

Fountain Installation, Maintenance & Storage

Our staff is manufacturer trained and qualified to install and service AquaMaster and Kasco floating fountains. ABI's biologists and field technicians take part in continuing education directly through the fountain manufacturers to become experts in floating fountain technology and innovation.

During our maintenance service, all fountain controls and motor functions are tested to insure proper function. The fountain is carefully inspected, cleaned, and serviced as required yearly. Storage in our secure facility is available during the cold winter months when fountains need to be removed to prevent damage from ice.

Floating Fountains

Decorative floating fountains are well known for creating peaceful, soothing, relaxing environments while adding beauty to your lake or pond. Fountains provide a degree of aeration, but are primarily recommended for aesthetics and keeping the water from becoming stagnant. With the seemingly unending number of fountain manufacturers and options to choose from, ABI has put together a short list of items to consider before purchasing a fountain:


ABI carries only the highest quality fountains from world leading manufacturers; AquaMaster and Kasco Marine. When it comes to quality water fountains, nobody does it better!