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ABI Pond Sealant (Soilfloc)

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Product Overview

SoilFloc® Pond Sealant

SoilFloc® Pond Sealant is a polymer-based product that will seal leaks in just about any waterbody. A polymer is simply a large molecule that is made up of multitudes of repeating identical subunits. Whether it be a small backyard Koi Pond or a multi-acre lake, SoilFloc is one of the most cost effective and efficient products on the market.

The best part is, no draining of the water body is required.

The product should be applied to the water’s surface when the waterbody is full. SoilFloc and its impact on aquatic wildlife has been studied extensively and has been found to be biodegradable and non-toxic. It will not affect livestock, marine life, or plants. If you are constructing a pond or water reservoir, and want to ensure that leakage doesn’t occur, SoilFloc can be applied during the construction phase to decrease your chances of having a leak when the pond is full.

How it works

The product comes in two parts, Part A (linear polymer) & Part B (cross-linked polymer). To apply, evenly distribute Part A, then shortly after Part B to the water’s surface. Part A will work by flocculating with sediment in the water column, becoming heavy enough to sink, and will follow the water flow to find the cracks and crevices to seal the leak. Once on the bottom, Part A will swell up to 300x its weight and clog the leaks. This part alone is enough to seal most leaks. Over the following days, Part B will continue to expand in the cracks. Acting together, the linear and cross-linked polymers will tightly seal any leaks you may have in the bed of the waterbody. Since both linear and cross-linked polymers are used, it will help seal virtually any soil type including shale, gravel, rocky soil, and limestone.

How to Apply

Simply sprinkle over the surface of the water. The water should not be moving, and you should not apply it during rain or wind events. Distribute it as if you are “feeding chickens” at the recommended rates. Remember to cast out gently no more than 5’ by hand, scoop or fertilizer spreader from a small dingy or raft. *Recommended rate is 9 - 12 units per surface acre.

For Slow Leaks Apply

• 3 oz. per 11 sq. ft. applied as follows
 - SF Sealant Part A 1.5 oz. per 11 sq. ft.
 - SF Sealant Part B 1.5 oz. per 11 sq. ft.

For Fast Leaks Apply

• 3.5 to 4 oz. per 11 sq. ft. applied as follows
 - SF Sealant Part A 1.75 – 2 oz. per 11 sq. ft.
 - SF Sealant Part B 1.75 – 2 oz. per 11 sq. ft. 

Apply SoilFloc® Pond Sealant Part A to approx. 11 sq. ft. section first followed immediately by Part B to the same 11 sq. ft. before moving to the next section. 

If you apply by boat, it is best to use a small watercraft that creates minimal disruption to the water surface. Once you have applied the product to a part of the pond, avoid traveling back through the treated area. Forcefully throw both Parts at the water to ensure they mix with each other. There is a chance some product will float on the surface- it happens! This does not mean something is wrong with your product. The full effects of SoilFloc are seen up to 3 weeks after the application.

If done correctly, a one-time treatment is all that is needed to seal your waterbody!

If you are applying it at the time of construction, a soil sample should be taken to ensure you have the correct polymer size. Once you are sure you have the correct polymer size, you will till both parts of the product into the soil approximately four inches deep throughout the whole bed and sides of the waterbody. You will then want to apply 6-8 inches of clay before it is compacted down. This will give you the best chance of creating a seal in the pond bed.

When to Apply

You will want to treat your waterbody when the pond is as full as it can get. The more water, the more pressure that will push the SoiFloc downward into the pond’s bed. The leak needs to be under the water line for a full 14 days to ensure success. Ideally, there will be little to no wind and no rain. If it is windy or raining, do NOT apply. The ideal time to treat in a pond’s life is when it has just been constructed or is somewhat new.

Dense rooted vegetation or an excess of organic matter buildup can hinder SoilFloc’s ability to flow to the leak and bind to the sediment. If your pond struggles from either of these things, additional applications and or application rates may be required. If this is the case, wait until late Fall or early Spring to apply, as the vegetation should die off around these times.

Note:  Ponds with very poor soils and minimal clay may require a geomembrane liner to hold water. SoilFloc is great for sealing small leaks in the dam or bottom area but if a pond won’t hold water and it drains out quickly after a rain, then a liner may be the best option.


Call for purchases over two units and ask about special bulk pricing!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review