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Soilfloc® Sealant is the most efficient polymer based sealant available for your Earthen canal, irrigation ditch or pond. Specifically designed to find leaks, whether in the floor, the wall or through rock formations and seal them. Soilfloc® custom blends linear and cross-linked polymers to seal any type of soil, for any sized project. From small decorative ponds to miles of irrigation canals, it’s the most cost-effective solution for your water loss problems.

Soilfloc® Sealant is a non-toxic chemical two-part solution that saves valuable water and is one of the few options pond or canal owners have available to help avoid the high costs of rebuilding a leaking pond or installing expensive liners.

• Cost effective
• Long lasting (many years)
• No need to drain water.
• Customizable
• Locates leaks and seals
• Non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly
• Will not harm livestock

Soilfloc® Sealant is sold by the unit

A Unit is 110 lbs. You’ll receive “2” 55 lb. bags, per unit. Part A will be in a double lined paper bag and Part B will be in a double lined plastic bag. Orders of 4 units or less are shipped UPS, in approved, double walled, custom boxes. Use care when opening boxes as to not cut into the contents of the boxes. Orders over 4 units are shipped on a pallet.

For Slow Leaks Apply
• 3 oz. per 11 sq. ft. applied as follows
o SF Sealant Part A 1.5 oz. per 11 sq. ft.
o SF Sealant Part B 1.5 oz. per 11 sq. ft.
For fast Leaks Apply
• 3.5 to 4 oz. per 11 sq. ft. applied as follows
o SF Sealant Part A 1.75 - 2 oz. per 11 sq. ft.
o SF Sealant Part B 1.75 - 2 oz. per 11 sq. ft.

Sealing 1 acre of water usually requires 9-12 units.

SOME Soilfloc® Sealant part B will float; this happens -it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your product! This is especially true if you have a pond with large cracks and crevices and have custom ordered larger sized crystals to seal your leaks. Because they take longer to swell, they may not sink before swelling. If you do have floaters, you can collect them, let them dry out and reapply or you can discard them. You may also see these polymer crystals at at the bottom of your pond for a while following application, they’ll eventually become part of the soil matrix.
There is NO magic pond sealant and despite claims, this is not magic pixie dust. It’s science and it’s an effective tool to seal stubborn leaks. Our 40+ year reputation speaks for the success of this product. We’ve had the honor of sealing thousands of leaks for many happy customers. That said, it’s not going to compensate for poor pond construction. Yet even the most renowned pond builders have been baffled by a leaking pond and have come to rely on our product to solve their problem. As with anything, polymers have limitations. We don’t do the application, so we don’t warranty the work. We do stand by the product quality and only ship product that meets our strict product specifications.


Call for purchases over 4 units and ask about special bulk pricing.