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AquaBio Six Shot Diffuser (Stainless Steel)

Aquatic Biologists, Inc

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Product Overview

AquaBio diffusers are designed specifically to maximize aeration efficiency. Diffuser selection is based on "certified" performance standards directly correlated to CFM delivery rates and water depth. AquaBio diffusers are engineered to out perform any and all other diffusers primarily because of their flow through design and active surface area. Stainless steel construction will prevent these diffusers from ever rusting, corroding or cracking.
  • Maximize Oxygen Transfer and Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce Odors and/or Harmful Gases
  • Lower Pathogenic Bacteria Count
  • Increase Microbial Populations to Further Increase Organic Sediment Reduction
  • Increase Fish Carrying Capacity
  • Create an Unfavorable Growing Environment for Blue-Green Algae
  • Restore Water Quality
  • Bubble Size: 50 - 500 microns


0.25 - 4 CFM Operating Range (Optimum CFM 2)

Linear Lift: 52

Active Area: 81.6 sq. in.

Includes diffuser & weighted base


(No reviews yet) Write a Review