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Aquashade® contains a blend of blue and yellow dyes designed to absorb specific wavelengths of light critical to plant photosynthesis. Treated water will retain a light aqua-blue tint following application.

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For best results, apply Aquashade® as a pre-emergent (prior to plant germination) before the growing season. Aquashade® may even be applied directly onto ice cover, (where applicable). Use during the growing season, Aquashade® can suppress the rate and extent of underwater growth, but may not eliminate it.

Aquashade® controls:
  • Leafy Pondweed
  • Chara
  • Slender Naiad
  • Watermilfoil
  • Hydrilla
  • Filamentous Green Algae
  • Filamentous Bluegreen Algae
For Use On:
  • Natural and Manmade contained lakes and ponds
  • Ornamental & Recreational
  • Fish Bearing
  • Fish Farming
  • Hydrilla
  • Golf Course Ponds
  • Theme Parks and Corporate Pond
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