Solution to Springtime Eutrophication

Posted by Aquatic Biologists, Inc. on 20th Mar 2023

Solution to Springtime Eutrophication

Spring is the perfect time to give your pond a refresh as the weather warms and new life begins to thrive. It is especially important during this time of year when new plant and animal life may be emerging in the pond. This is also when melting snow and ice creates a whirlwind of problems for your pond. Water quality is often a challenge due to the high influx of rain and runoff that washes pollutants into water sources which leads to poor water quality, water contamination, and elevated levels of nutrients which lead to…eutrophication.

What is eutrophication you ask? It is the natural aging process of waterbodies that is accelerated by excessive nutrient loading, frequently due to runoff. The impacts are degraded water quality, poor aquatic ecosystem health, oxygen depletion, and impaired operations. Phosphorus is a key limiting nutrient in water resources – one pound of phosphorus can support five hundred pounds of algae growth! Which is why it is one of the major causes of springtime algae blooms.

THE SOLUTION: Novel technologies that remove excess phosphorus and restore water quality. 

Introducing: EutroSORB Filters

EutroSORBTM Filters can stop phosphorus pollution before it starts, treat existing phosphorus pollution, and ensure that water quality is maintained after restoration. 

Benefits of EutroSORBTM Filters

  1. Easy to Use: Simply place in water. No special equipment is required.
  2. Rapid Phosphorus Filtration: Immediately binds and reduces phosphorus concentrations when placed in the flow of water containing phosphorus.
  3. Environmentally Compatible: Reduces the amount of chemicals needed for water treatment and exhausted media can be reused as soil amendment or disposed to a landfill.
  4. Water Quality Restoration: Proven to be effective in reducing algae blooms, improving oxygen levels, reducing sedimentation, and more.

To keep your pond looking and performing at its best, there must be a flow through system. The water must be free flowing without any barriers such as sticks, debris, sludge, etc. You may strategically place coir logs to keep water moving by preventing sediment buildup and other debris from getting in the way of the water flow. Once you have the ideal flow, you may place EutroSORBTM filter socks in the water to filter out phosphorus and other contaminants to reduce surface algae that creates cloudy water and harms the delicate balance of the pond’s ecosystem. Did you know that approximately 100 lbs. of EutroSORBTM filter socks will remove 1 lb. of phosphorus?!

By using EutroSORBTM filters in the spring, you can ensure that once the warmer weather hits, your pond will be much better off. For more information about EutroSORBTM Filters, please contact Aquatic Biologists, Inc. at 800-442-6648.