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EarthTec® - 1 Gallon

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Product Overview

EarthTec® is a proven, reliable and environmentally responsible solution to recurring algae blooms that can create a real problem in the maintenance of lakes, ponds and fountains. EarthTec® is EPA registered and certified as safe for drinking water (NSF/ANSI Standard 60). This product may also be used to eliminate harmful bacteria such as e-coli.

Prevent Algae in Lakes, Ponds & Fountains  

The active ingredient in EarthTec® is a biologically active form of copper ion (Cu++). Unlike other copper algaecides available today, the copper in EarthTec® is already fully dissolved, and more importantly, the release of its active ingredient is controlled by biological demand (such as an algae bloom) instead of by water conditions.

This allows you to treat your lake, pond or fountain prior to an ugly outbreak of algae. The copper will not precipitate out of solution, but will remain fully dissolved indefinitely, without settling out or building up in the bottom sediment, thereby insuring long-term algae control without over treatment. In other words, because it's so "light" it will remain active, right where it needs to be in the pond, to be absorbed by algae cells as they are forming, and before they get to be a major eyesore for your pond

Save Time and Labor

EarthTec® will rapidly and evenly self-disperse throughout the body of water to which it is applied — without mixing or agitation, minimizing equipment and labor costs. Regardless of the dilution rate, the active ingredient in EarthTec® will always be uniformly distributed.

Lake and pond water may be used immediately following treatment for irrigation without harm to plants or grass. EarthTec® may also be used in fish-bearing ponds at prescribed application rates.

Product Label  |  Product SDS

EarthTec® Dosage Rates

Figure water volume in Gallons (length x width x average depth x 7.5). Apply initial dosage of EarthTec® every 14 days until visible algae disappear. Then apply maintenance dosage of EarthTec® every 14 days.

Average treatment rate is one Gallon per acre foot (1 liter per 324 m³). Made in USA – use only as labeled. Do not use this product in waters with cyprinid and salmonid fish (koi, carp, goldfish, trout, etc.).


Due to Governmental Regulations, WE DO NOT SHIP ALGAECIDES OR HERBICIDES TO THE FOLLOWING STATES: Alaska - California - Connecticut - Delaware -  Hawaii - New Hampshire - New Jersey - New York - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Oregon - Rhode Island - Washington State - Vermont - Montana - Nebraska (for additional information about these restrictions please see our shipping/returns page).

*Read the label and follow directions. Consult with your local regulatory agency before applying herbicides and algaecides to public waters.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review