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Kasco RobustAire™ Diffused Aeration

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Product Overview

Kasco now offers RobustAire™ systems with Aire-Guard Cabinet Technology in Large and Medium compressor cabinet sizes. Using a new approach to airflow through the cabinet, systems are safeguarded from heat, dust, and debris, and are easier to keep clean and maintain. These new systems feature completely redesigned cabinets and provide air to 4 – 12 diffuser assemblies.

Robust-Aire diffusers are the most efficient on the market and create more water flow to aerate your pond. Diffusers are designed to provide a fine air bubble with the least amount of pressure. The base is made of thick HDPE plastic and a locking fill plug allows you to fill it with pea gravel or other weighted substrate.

It has a raised design that keeps the diffusers performing at an optimal level above the pond bottom. A durable, bolted, strain relief attachment ensures that the weighted tubing will not become detached during installation or maintenance. A check valve with Viton seals keeps water from entering the tubing when the system is not operating. 

Kasco’s RobustAire™ systems are quiet and provide great aeration benefits in depths of 8 ft. or greater. A shore-mounted compressor pushes air through self-weighted lines to a dual-loop diffuser on the pond, lake, or tank bottom. The diffuser then continuously releases micro-bubbles that rise to the surface carrying large volumes of water.

This beneficial mixing increases oxygen transfer and improves water quality to eliminate thermal and chemical stratification, expand fish habitat, and more. For the best results Kasco Marine recommends using as part a complete Robust-Aire Aeration System.

Warranty periods:

  • Diffuser: Lifetime
  • Cabinet: Lifetime
  • Tubing: 15 years
  • Compressor Motor: 3 years
  • Compressor Piston Cups & Cylinders: 2 years

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review