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Saving Our Lakes & Streams: 101 Practical Things You Can Do Today

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Saving Our Lakes & Streams is a handbook for all who value our waters. Includes many outstanding B&W lake photos and 101 practical things you can do to protect your favorite lake or stream. Imagine cool, blue water reflecting sun and shore. Fish jumping, kids swimming, Man’s best friend fetching Frisbees and sticks. Paddling, fishing, water sports—what could be better? We love our lakes and streams. But maybe we love them too much. Some say we are “loving our waters to death.” Could our love for lakes and streams ruin them? This book offers 101 practical tips intended to help us help our lakes and streams. You’ll also find many brief articles explaining the issues facing our waters today. Written with Wisconsin lakes in mind, but appropriate for all freshwater lakes and streams. Over 180 pages of inspiring articles and photos by award-winning author, James A. Brakken, a veteran lake volunteer and a recipient of the Wisconsin Lakes Stewardship Award.


Brakken, James A. (2016). Saving Our Lakes & Streams: 101 Practical Things You Can Do Today. Badger Valley Publishing.

ISBN-13: 978-1519716910

ISBN-10: 1519716915


(No reviews yet) Write a Review