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Sleeve Kit (Pipe Boot) 12.5" to 24"

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Tape on (includes tape, instructions and clamp).


Pipe Boots allow for a pipe to be installed into your pond while still maintaining structural integrity for your pond liner. Our Pipe Boots are built with the highest quality and stability to ensure that your pond doesn't suffer from major leaks around the pipe. 

Corrugated Pipe Disclaimer: ABI requires only smooth wall pipe be used to penetrate the liner. This disclaimer is to serve notice that the customer has been informed that ABI and the liner manufacturer neither represents nor offers a warranty related to the use of corrugated pipes through the liner system. Although all efforts will be made to seal the liner in an appropriate manner the customer acknowledges that any and all repairs (if required) to pipe boots associated with corrugated pipe will be for the customer's account and at ABI's and/or the manufacturer's daily rates.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review