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Bio Boost - Activator

Aquatic Biologists, Inc

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Container Size: 2.5 Gallons

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A special blend of naturally occurring high-quality specialized protein configurations (SPC's) designed to enhance the efficiency, energy, and appetite of naturally occurring microorganisms. By increasing the metabolic rate of natural and augmented bacteria populations the bacteria are better able to do their job consuming nutrients which trigger algae growth.

  • Speeds remediation and cleanup by over 106
  • Dramatically encourages naturally occurring and augmented (added) microbial populations to flourish and digest up to 51% more organic materials
  • A nutrient (energy) package that activates, energizes, sustains, encourages, and accelerates bacteria activity and reproduction
  • Contains no bacteria or enzyme
  • Substantially reduces the amount of bacteria waste that is recycled back into the water by 37%
  • Increases leaf litter decomposition up to 30%
  • Mix with Bio Boost Bacteria and Bio Boost Enzyme for increased performance


IMPORTANT - Properly aerated water is highly recommended

Dosage Rates

Treatment: Performs best when water temperatures exceed 39°F. Determine volume of waterbody: (1 acre ft. of water = 1 surface acre or 43,560 sq. ft. with an average depth of 1 ft. or 325,869 gals).

Initial Application: 1/2 gal./acre ft. of water in treatment area followed by regular maintenance applications.

Maintenance Application: Apply every two weeks. (1/4 gal. - 1/2 gal.) per acre foot.

Organic Content
Initial Application (gal./acre ft.)
Maintenance Application (gal./acre ft.)
High 0.5 0.5
Medium 0.5 0.33
Low 0.5 0.25


(No reviews yet) Write a Review