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Bio Boost - Nitrifier

Aquatic Biologists, Inc

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Product Overview

Available in 1 gal Jugs - Must be shipped by 2nd Day Air or faster (this results in a higher shipping cost). 

KEEP REFRIGERATED. Shake well before use.

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Application Rates

Temperature of Water

Initial Dose

Maintenance Dose


55 – 70°F (12.8 - 21.1°C)

4 gallons per 4-acre feet

1 gallon per 4-acre feet

Twice per month

70°F and above (21.1°F)

1 gallon per 4-acre feet

½ gallon per 4-acre feet

Twice per month


Bio Boost Nitrifier can be added by boat sprayer, adding near an aerator to help distribute it in the whole pond, from a sprayer on shore, pouring it in around the edge of a pond and/or metering in with a small chemical feeder.

Recommended for ponds with large waterfowl populations or overstocked fisheries. Should not be mixed with herbicides or algaecides. 

Note: Product shipping to CA is for use in private ponds only. CA specific label is required resulting in a slightly higher cost.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review