Summertime Preventatives to a Beautiful Pond

Posted by Aquatic Biologists, Inc. on 15th May 2023

Summertime Preventatives to a Beautiful Pond

Summertime. When the days are longer, the sun shines brighter, and the air feels warmer. This is also a stressful time for pond care and maintenance. Warmer weather brings algae blooms and the accumulation of waste and decaying debris. This is a critical period for removing or eliminating the build-up of organic matter from your pond. To combat the algae that can reside on the top of the water and sludge or “muck” build up on the bottom of your pond, let’s discuss ways to keep your pond looking amazing.

Preventative Measures

  • Clean out debris, leaves, tree branches, etc. with pond equipment such as a lake rake or weed cutter.
  • Install an aeration system to improve water quality by allowing oxygen to enter the water and break down organic material before settling to the bottom.
  • At the water’s edge, trim tree branches and keep grass longer to create a buffer zone to help with erosion and filtering nutrients that come in from runoff.
  • Stock pond with fathead minnows to increase the biodiversity of the pond's ecosystem. Fathead minnows are effective at controlling the insect population, they keep water quality high by eating organic debris, and provide a food source for gamefish. They can also reproduce 3 - 5 times a season with adequate structures in place. This is an easy and cost-effective way to improve the overall health of your pond.
  • Apply beneficial bacteria or “probiotics” such as Bio Boost Muck Digesting Pellets to ponds to prevent muck build up. By introducing beneficial bacteria into the water, muck can be broken down and converted into non-toxic substances, thus preventing it from accumulating.

PRODUCT SNAPSHOT: Bio Boost Muck Digesting Pellets

An all-natural, highly concentrated bacteria designed to reduce organic sediment around piers, shorelines, beaches, gravel areas, or any areas with little of large amounts of organic accumulation.


  • Four times more concentrated than other bacteria pellets
  • Guaranteed at 1.5 billion CFU per gram (681 billion CFU per pound)
  • All natural: Pathogen free and safe for fish, plants, and humans
  • Contains organic muck-eating bacteria, enzymes, and trace minerals
  • Biodegradable pellets
  • Easy to apply
  • Minimizes odor-causing gasses
  • No permits required (in most states)
  • Helps improve water clarity and overall quality by reducing available nutrients

In combination with the above listed preventative measures and continued use of Bio Boost Muck Digesting Pellets, your pond will benefit from reduced muck build up.

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