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Bio Boost - Muck Digester Bacteria Pellets

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Bio Boost Muck Digester Pellets Work on Muck So You Don't Have To!

Bio Boost Muck Digester Pellets combine natural technologies in a simple cost-effective method for continuous organic muck management. Bio Boost Muck Digester Pellets can stop and even reverse the buildup of muck on the bottom of lakes and ponds. These pellets consist of a customized blend of bacteria strains chosen specifically for their muck control capabilities within lakes and ponds. These bacteria digest animal, waterfowl and fish waste; as well as plant material, odor causing volatiles and the binders of organic contaminates which contribute to muck buildup.

When consuming the organic materials that become muck, Bio Boost Muck Digester Pellets microbes help to naturally control and reduce the volume of contaminates on a lake or pond bottom.


Bio Boost Muck Digester Bacteria guaranteed at 1.5 billion CFU per gram (681 billion CFU per pound). Substantially higher concentration of bacteria than competitive products. All natural; Pathogen free; Safe for fish, plants and humans. Biodegradable pellet contains organic muck-eating bacteria, enzymes and trace minerals Easy to apply; Low maintenance; Lowers nuisance of muck in beach areas, along shorelines and around docks. Minimizes odor-causing gases. Permits are not required in most states. Works on the nutrients that grow nuisance weeds and algae.


Broadcast Bio Boost Muck Digester Pellet directly on areas of heavy organic muck accumulation when water temperatures reach 60oF. Allow one week - one month between each maintenance application.

Bio Boost Muck Digesting Pellets may be used early in the spring of the year to “jump - start” a pond or lake’s bacteria populations.

For Koi pond and Water Gardens deposit in areas of muck build up or before the pond's filter to gradually dissolve.

Dosage Rates

Small Areas - Including; Koi Ponds, Water Features, Beach Areas or Around Docks and Piers

                High Dose: A one pound will treat approximately 300 square feet.

                Traditional Dose: Three pounds per 1,000 square feet.

Larger Areas Including Ponds & Lakes

               High Dose: For ponds or lakes where they would like maximum degradation.

                               Feed 75 - 125 pounds per surface acre once per month.

                               In smaller areas feed 3 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. once per month.

               Traditional Dose: Feed 25 - 50 pounds per surface-acre once per month.

Allow at least one week between each maintenance application. Application can be added to site-specific locations. Bio Boost Muck Digester Pellets may be used early in the spring of the year to "jump - start" a pond or lake's bacteria populations.

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