Ice Rink Liner - 12 MIL BW Liner


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Product Overview

Consider using ABI's 12 MIL Black/White Liners to create a winter sports arena right in your backyard! Perfect for hockey and ice skating - our liners create the building blocks to outdoor fun! 

Benefits and Other Uses:

  • Low Temperature - Hydrocarbon Stable
  • Light Deprivation
  • Hay/Grain Pile Covers
  • Sports Field Covers
  • Sports Field and Turf Drainage
  • Temporary Landfill Covers
  • Temporary Erosion Control
  • Temporary Rainshed Covers
  • Seed Germination
  • Not intended for primary containment of liquid

Aquatic Biologists, Inc. takes pride in the high quality of liner material we have available for our clients. PLEASE NOTE: Liners are NOT READY TO SHIP. All liners are CUSTOM fabricated at the time of order. Please allow 10-14 business days for fabrication. Allow additional time for shipping/freight. We will notify you via email when your order was shipped. ALL LINERS OVER 150 LBS. WILL BE SHIPPED VIA FREIGHT. For additional information regarding shipping, please see below.

Warranty Information

ABI’s Liners are manufacturer warranted to be free of material defects for up to 25 years (coverage length determined by liner thickness).  This includes the ability of the liner to withstand normal weathering and environmental degradation.  The warranty does not cover damage resulting from catastrophic natural events (example: earthquake damage), failure to completely cover the liner in its entirety, improper installation or use (examples include damage by machinery or other equipment, people, animals, ice, or sharp/rough objects in the substrate).

Packaging and Shipping

 All liners are custom fabricated at time of order - allow 10-14 business days for fabrication to be completed. In general, liners smaller than 150 lbs. can be shipped UPS while anything larger is shipped via freight truck on a pallet. Someone must be on location to take delivery of orders shipped via freight truck with a means by which to unload the shipment. Keep in mind larger liners can be several thousand pounds. Once completed, shipping of the liner can take up to 7 days depending on destination.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review