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Seaming Tape Double Sided 2" x 50' (For use with RPE Liners)

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Product Overview

Double Sided Seaming Tape 2" x 50'

Effortlessly seal and secure your pond liner with our Double-Sided Seaming Tape. Designed to handle the demands of outdoor water features, this heavy-duty tape creates a durable, watertight bond that can withstand the elements. Whether you're repairing a small tear or seaming two pieces of material together, our tape provides the reliable solution you need.

Featuring a thick 60-mil construction, the double-sided design allows for a seamless, invisible connection that blends right into your liner. Simply peel, press, and your pond is protected. No messy adhesives, no complicated installation – just a hassle-free way to maintain the integrity of your water feature.

Don't risk leaks or damage to your hard work. Trust our high-performance pond liner tape to keep your project secure for seasons to come. Experience the confidence of a job well done with the Double-Sided Seaming Tape. Order yours today and ensure a watertight, long-lasting pond or water garden.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review