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Shore-Klear® is EPA registered for use in and around aquatic sites to control a broad spectrum of emerged aquatic weeds and herbaceous plants. A broad spectrum herbicide, Shore-Klear® works through systemic action, whereby the active ingredient (glyosphate) is absorbed through the plant foliage and translocated (moved) throughout the plant ultimately killing the roots.

Shore-Klear® works best when used in conjunction with a non-ionic surfactant such as Cygent Plus. This product will not control submerged plants or where the majority of plant foliage is under water. Product Label SDS Sheet


Works on Most Green Vegetation

Shore-Klear® is for use in lakes, ponds, irrigation canals, drainage ditches and terrestrial sites. Initial results generally occur 2 to 4 days after treatment. Results begin with wilting and yellowing followed by full browning. Well established heavy growth will require 1 to 3 weeks to show results.


Shore-Klear® Aquatic Herbicide is Labeled for Use Against:

Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.

 alligatorweed.jpg  american-lotus.jpg  cattails.jpg  creeping-water-primerose.jpg


American Lotus


Creeping Water Primerose

 phragmites.jpg  poison-ivy-1652109-960-720.jpg  purple-loosestrife.jpg  spatterdock.jpg


Poison Ivy

Purple Loosestrife


 water-hyacinth.jpg  water-lettuce.jpg  water-shield.jpg  various-grasses.jpg

Water Hyacinth

Water Lettuce

Water Shield

Various Grasses


Apply when target plants are actively growing and the majority of foliage is above the water. Application rates vary; refer to the label for the target plant dosage rates required. Mix the required amount of Shore Klear® and Cygnet Plus with pond water according to label instructions. Uniformly spray the foliage until the leaves take on a shiny sheen but not to the point of runoff.

Typically 1 quart of Shore-Klear® in its concentrated form will make enough spray solution to cover 1/4 to 1/3 of an acre. Additional product may be required when extremely dense growth. Well established perennial weeds, such as Cattails and Water Lilies, may require a second treatment in 3 weeks. Certain species of plants such as poison ivy require a strong concentration of product. See label for species specific rates.

Once completely dead, use a rake, such as the Weed Raker, to remove dead weeds to prevent an accumulation of dead plant material and muck.

Shore Klear® Example:

  • Sample 100ft x100ft Lakeshore Lot (10,000 sq. ft.) *
    Amount of Shore-Klear® required: One Quart. Actual amount used +/- due to plant species and densities.
  • Sample Mixing Rate for Cattail control (3/4% Solution). *
    Amount of Shore-Klear® required: Less than 1 Ounce (.96) per Gallon of water plus a non-ionic surfactant.

Spray Solution

Desired Volume

Amount of Product







1 Gallon

1.0 fl. oz.

1.33 fl. oz.

1.66 fl. oz.

2.0 fl. oz.

6.0 fl. oz.

10.25 fl. oz.

25 Gallons

1.5 pts.

1.0 qt.

1.25 qts.

1.5 qts.

5.0 qts/

2.0 gals.

100 Gallons

3.0 qts.

1.0 gals.

1.25 gals.

1.5 gals.

5.0 gals.

8.0 gals.

*Consult Label for Exact Doses & Important Application Directions.

For Best Results

Best results are obtained when applied to actively growing, well developed foliage. A six hour rain free period following application is required for proper herbicide absorption.


Always read and carefully follow the product label. For use restrictions refer to product label.

A WI DNR Aquatic Plant Control Permit or DATCP Fish Farm License is required in WI in order to apply algaecides or herbicides. In addition ponds and lakes with overflows not contained on the property are required to obtain a WPDES permit. Illinois Residents are required to obtain NPDES permits through the Illinois EPA.

In order to apply chemicals in liquid form within Wisconsin, the applicator must be licensed with the State.

Recommendations of pesticide or treatments for specific algae or aquatic plants are provided for general information purposes only - no warranties are expressed or implied.