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Sonar® A.S.


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Sonar® A.S. is an herbicide that controls a wide variety of aquatic plants, including stubborn duckweed. Treatments often last for several seasons, making it a cost effective treatment product. It works by stopping photosynthesis, which robs the plants of their ability to make food. Treated plants turn white and die within 6-12 weeks. Sonar® A.S. effectively controls bladderwort, common coontail, common elodea, egeria, Brazilian elodea, fanwort, cabomba, hydrilla, naiad, pondweed (except Illinois pondweed), watermilfoil, spatterdock, water lily, common duckweed, paragrass, and select other aquatic plants. Sonar® A.S.. is a concentrated formula that is applied by mixing with water and spraying over the surface of the pond. Ideally the total amount needed is divided into two equal applications 10-14 days apart.


 Sonar® A.S. can be applied starting in early spring, at the first sign of weeds floating to the surface, through midsummer.                               

Pond Level

Best control is obtained when discharge can be stopped for thirty days  or longer. Pond levels should be at or near normal when water level when treated.  Excessive outflow dilutes Sonar® A.S. and reduces the chance of  control.

*Consult label for exact dosage and treatment directions.

Product Label | Product SDS

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review