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Implementing a Proactive Approach with BioBoost Products

Many aquatic management companies focus their services around a reactive approach where algae/weeds are chemically treated as needed with no management in between.  We at Aquatic Biologists, take a more proactive approach, adding BioBoost preventative maintenance products to reduce the amount and frequency of nuisance algae blooms.  This usually means a larger up front cost but we now have well over 150 ponds where our customers are no longer treating algae using our BioBoost Program.  These products are being added on a routine schedule, every 2 weeks or monthly, and are designed to promote and supplement natural beneficial bacteria to out-compete for nutrients that would otherwise grow nuisance vegetation.

Our customers are using BioBoost Activator, BioBoost Bacteria and BioBoost Enzyme in combination with BioBoost Muck Digesting Pellets for maximum results.

  • BioBoost Activator acts as a cup of coffee would to us, jump starting bacteria to get to work using nutrients instead of just slowly going about their lives as slackers.  
  • BioBoost Enzyme acts as a paring knife to peel away the tough outer coating of organics, making them easier to be consumed.  
  • BioBoost Bacteria, available in warm water and cold water formulas, is a concentrated bacteria blend that works like yogurt to add specific strains of bacteria into the “gut” of your pond to supplement the existing bacteria.  
  • BioBoost Muck Digesting Pellets are a concentrated blend of bacteria designed to sink into the muck and consume organics there.  Along with a reduction in organic muck, we’ve seen water clarity improve and less algae growth.  When runoff is not a major contributor to nutrient loading, nutrient release from the bottom sediments is the #1 contributor to fueling algae.  This bacteria blend is able to metabolize nutrients in the bottom sediments.   We have many customers who remark that they haven’t seen hard bottom in their beach area for years but after a seasons worth of applications can see gravel/sand again.

As previously mentioned, these products do have an upfront cost associated with them.  Many times we don't see full potential until 3-4 years down the road.  Once we achieve optimal preventative maintenance techniques that incorporate a multitude of other practices, we do see a return on investments where the cost of biological is off set by the lack of a need for chemical treatments.

Eliminating the need for chemical treatments entirely is the best case scenario, however, by implementing a proactive approach Aquatic Biologists has been able to reduce its chemical usage resulting in a more sustainable approach to water management.

BioBoost products are environmentally friendly, natural, and “Green”, with no permit or license required.  These products are formulated for all: swim, fish, waterfowl, recreation, irrigation, retention ponds, and wastewater treatment facilities where water quality, water clarity, algae, nutrients, and organic accumulation is a concern.